According to Mr. Rajendra Singh, every child is a star, and they have to shine to the fullest. His venture into the educational field made him realize that education is all about assimilating good things in life.  Rajendra Singh studied from Jai Hind School, and after finishing his B.Com from BMCC, Pune, he went on to pursue a diploma from Germany. Such learning experience has had a wonderful effect on his entire persona. His philosophy of education is to transform the method of teaching and learning. Building up a strong relationship with parents, students and teachers are what he effectively follows, as it plays a pivotal role in changing the aspect of schooling.

According to him, every student is different and unique, and it is the job of the school to nurture the child and discover their uniqueness. Being a part of Priyadarshani School, Rajendra Singh wants to offer children the opportunity to understand his/her potential and work towards their own goal.

Children are the future, therefore it is important for the school to shape and develop the child’s physical, emotional, as well as their physiological virtues so that he/she become self-reliant.

Rajendra Singh is a true pioneer whose contribution has enhanced and developed the perspective of education in a positive way.

“Education is a continuous life enriching process. Along with training the mind to conceptualize, the heart also needs the training to understand feelings.” – Rajendra Indraman Singh

What Education means to us?

Education is the life enriching process which helps us to connect to yourself and to connect with the world we live in.

What School means to us?

School for us is, creating a stimulus environment where learning happens.