Our school angelica yoga program teaches the student the importance of interpreting dreams, decoding signs, and meditation. Apart from learning all the basic subjects in school, it is necessary for children to understand the spiritual level as well as understand humanism in the world we live in.

The main objective of Angelica webinar school program is to give students a very simple, accessible way to raise awareness so that they have a better understanding of both the inner and outside world. This will enable students to comprehend between good and evil or how to consciously make a decision in life. We believe in creating a strong base in their educational system, which will not only increase their confidence but also improve their compassion too. This will enable them to have a better idea about the true meaning of life on Earth.

Children will understand that dreams are not just dreams, but it is a symbol which signifies and carries some meaning. Such awareness will improve the child’s personal growth. The method of dream and sign interpretation will aid the child in discovering multi- dimension of existence rather than just the physical aspect.


Tai Chi, an internal ancient Martial Art focusses on slow, soft movements that restore energy and creates inner peace. The practice of Tai Chi in early age can benefit the child’s health in many ways. Since children go through various challenges in life as they grow up, encouraging Tai Chi practice will help them stay away from negative habits that hamper their mood and behavior. The practice of Tai Chi will balance their emotional and mental tension, keeping them away from indulging in various forms of passive activities i.e.  Playing video games or computer games or excessive TV watching.


  • Health and Healing
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Teaching
  • Taoist Philosophy
  • Self Defense